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20 November, 2018

Is there added value in Local SEO?

Local SEO Operating a small to medium size business is difficult. Getting your promotional message out there to both the consumer and the search engines requires some strategic planning and effective…

22 March, 2018

GDPR Compliance & The Northern Ireland Business Community

GDPR Compliance - be aware! The manual for GDPR compliance will be open to scrutiny in May 2018. It will have a serious impact on sales and marketing strategies and...
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11 May, 2017

Make your content king by deploying a content marketing strategy that will transform your E Commerce platform into a sales magnet

Make your content king by deploying a content marketing strategy that will transform your E Commerce platform into a sales magnet Google’s algorithmic changes dating back to Penguin and Panda…

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3 February, 2017

Crafting content that is SEO compliant

To gain maximum advantage from your marketing spend your site must be clearly visible to the public, which essentially means that it should be ranking in the top pages of…

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2 February, 2017

Captchas – spam blockers or conversion killers?

Web users are exercised by pop-ups which can be distracting as much as they are annoying. Equally, captchas can be one of the most bothersome things on the web. Even…

SEO Strategy Uncategorized
2 February, 2017

Can SEO benefit local businesses?

Considering the international nature of the Internet, local business owners might well question the benefits of SEO for local enterprises. It is ineffective to focus on global outreach when the…

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1 February, 2017

Making your site search engine algorithm change friendly

Making your site Search Engine algorithm change friendly Whilst web developers have no control over algorithm changes or updates, they can however make site amendments to offset any possible damaging…

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25 January, 2017

Can you resolve the problem of an “unnatural inbound Link notification”?

Even though it was back in 2015 that Google Webmaster set in motion a number of warnings to Websites concerning their participation in the spammy pursuit and manipulation of unnatural…

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24 January, 2017

Can you prep for Google’s upcoming Mobile-first Index algorithm?

What started with a Google announcement of a possible algorithmic update on mobile-first indexing in 2016 has developed into a roll-out of the experiment in 2017. They claim that to…

11 August, 2016

How Google’s Rank Brain Update can DAMAGE your CTR and What You Can Do About It

The latest RankBrain update uses data and human research to help improve user experience. It does this by interpreting the real intentions behind a user’s search term. What do we mean…

site migration newry and belfast Blog
4 August, 2016

How to Make Sure Site Migration won’t Lose Customers!

Site migrations occur for a variety of reasons. Yet, one factor usually remains the same and that is the fear of losing traffic and revenue as a result of site migration. This fear stems…

increase customer retention rates Blog
7 July, 2016

How to Increase your E-Commerce Repurchasing Rate

Acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as reselling to an existing or previous one. This reason alone should be enough to convince any business owner to start…

SEO violations to avoid Blog
15 June, 2016

6 SEO Violations to AVOID

There are some SEO violations that are best avoided if you want to evade Google’s harsh penalties. These desecrations are quite difficult to perform without prior intention, so don’t panic…

SEO newry Blog
13 June, 2016

Using Simple HTML to Achieve SEO Success

Web pages are created using a fundamental HTML code. This is a type of mark-up language referred to as a “Hyper Text Mark-up Language”. In other words, it is a “machine…

ipad website version Blog
2 June, 2016

5 Creative Web Design Trends to Watch in 2016

Web design seems to go through just as many trends as the fashion industry. Whilst some of these trends are nothing more than quick flashes in the pan, others stick…

successful ecommerce Blog
24 May, 2016

7 Things Successful Ecommerce Websites Have in Common

E-Commerce is the single fastest growing retail market in Europe. 78% of the entire population have made at least one purchase online via an eCommerce site such as EBay or…

ecommerce statistics Blog
19 May, 2016

20 Ecommerce Statistics That’ll Keep You Up at Night

E-Commerce has its advantages. It offers users the opportunity to buy or sell online 24/7, making shopping for specific products easier than ever. BUT there are still many aspects to eCommerce that…

website upgrade Blog
18 May, 2016

7 Signs Your Website Needs Upgraded

If eyes are windows to the soul, your website is the window to your brand. So ask yourself, what is your company’s site saying to potential customers? Is it time for…

SEO Strategy Blog
12 May, 2016

Why your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working Out the Way You Planned

No matter how much we plan, prep and plot, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we thought they would. Building an effective SEO strategy seems like a piece…

online retail trends Blog
9 May, 2016

Future Online Retail Trends: Have they gone too far?

Online shoppers are more demanding than ever. They want quick check-out purchases, fast delivery (you’ll get brownie points if it’s free) and exceptional customer services without any unnecessary “jibber jabber”….

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28 April, 2016

15 Surprising SEO Facts You DIDN’T Know Existed

When it comes to SEO facts, you’ve heard it all before, right? Well, we (my fellow RYCO’s and I), have decided to test that theory and showcase our findings right…

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25 April, 2016

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers, on average, is 67.91%. This rate is the ratio of the amount of online shopping carts abandoned to the number of completed…

online marketing for small business Blog
20 April, 2016

Cheapest Online Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

As a small business trying to break into the online marketing sphere, it can be easy to feel disheartened, especially when you start comparing yourself to existing established brands such…

22 March, 2016

Are You Ready for Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm this May?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly by now, you’re in for a whirlwind of changes to your site’s performance on Google SERPs this May. Google has announced that it will be…

Instagram for Business Blog
10 March, 2016

15 Tips to Use Instagram for Business

There are over 400 million active users on Instagram each month (over 20% of internet users). It’s a great way to connect and engage with your customers. Knowing how to…

eCommerce Store web design belfast Blog
2 March, 2016

What Customers want from an Ecommerce website?

How often have you felt overwhelmed by the continuous stream of “eCommerce trends” put forth by thought leaders, industry publications, external stakeholders and even your own team members? It’s enough to…

ecommerce Belfast Blog
29 February, 2016

How to Use Social Media for Business Development

With over 2.1 billion people active on social media, it makes sense to utilise these online communal channels for business. People use social media for business to communicate, engage and…

advertising and PPC Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
25 February, 2016

Google Confirms Changes to Ad Positions on Desktop Search Results

Google has confirmed text ads will no longer appear on the right sidebar of desktop search results. The giant search engine broke the news of this drastic change on 19th…

SEO newry, belfast northern ireland search engine optimisation Blog
22 February, 2016

10 SEO E-Commerce Rules your Business Should Abide By

SEO should be at the top of your business’ online strategy. You need it to build a firm customer base, boost organic traffic and climb the search engine ladder. But for…

digital marketing belfast northern ireland Blog
15 February, 2016

The ABC’s of Digital Marketing Acronyms

The digital marketing sphere is bombarded with tons of acronyms. At first, it may seem like a little much. After all, how can one industry have that many abbreviations? It’s…

video for seo and top google rankings belfast Blog
12 February, 2016

Why is My Site Not Seeing Immediate SEO Results?

The main purpose of SEO is to drive high quality traffic to your website. Why is My Site Not Seeing Immediate SEO Results? Speedy SEO is Suspicious Google does not…

youtube social media Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
10 February, 2016

20 Creative ways YouTube can Help Grow your Business

YouTube receives over four billion views a day, making it the second largest search engine online. Thousands of businesses have leveraged its grand popularity to promote their brand and services. You too, can use YouTube to expand your business…

secure magento ecommerce web design services belfast northern ireland Blog
2 February, 2016

Algorithms: How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Over 40,000 search queries transpire on Google every second. That’s over 3.5 billion searches per day! It’s become a shared theory that if you have a question, Google has the…

magento ecommerce company belfast northern ireland Blog
28 January, 2016

3 Easy Steps for Ecommerce Success

There are currently 3.2 billion internet users worldwide – that’s almost HALF of the entire population! So what is it about the internet that has all of these people so…

Increase business leads with professional website design development Blog
27 January, 2016

Want to Boost Conversions? Ask yourself these Questions First!

What should I do if my website is generating traffic, but visitors aren’t converting? We hear you. It’s a frustrating problem for any business to endure, but an easy one to…

digital marketing agency belfast Blog
18 January, 2016

Defining the Perfect Landing Page

First impressions count. This is true with people and it is true with landing pages. A landing page exists with the intention to maximise conversions, aka SALES. A high quality landing page will perform…

eCommerce Store web design belfast Uncategorized
11 January, 2016

Why your Business Needs a Professional Website

We live in a digital world and in this world, the internet rules. No matter how established your business is offline, without a website it does not fully exist. For…

ryco marketing dublin cropped logo Blog
8 January, 2016

E-Commerce Mistakes that can Damage your SEO Efforts

  If you thought that optimising your eCommerce site would be a piece of cake, you’re sadly mistaken. It is much more difficult to optimise an eCommerce website than it…

magento ecommerce developers belfast web design northern ireland, digital marketing agency belfast Blog
7 January, 2016

Top 3 Common SEO Issues Found in Magento Sites and their Solutions

  If truth be told, Magento isn’t the most SEO friendly e-commerce platform available. This is largely due to its complex codebase, its intricate rewrite engine and its requirement for…

ryco digital marketing northern ireland Blog
7 January, 2016

The Top 8 SEO Trends of 2016

  The new year has begun and with it comes significant shifts in the way SEO influences search engine rankings. As an online business, you must adapt your SEO strategy…

SEO Website Traffic Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
15 December, 2015

How to Shed the Cloak of Online Invisibility

  Building brand awareness online may seem like an endless uphill battle. The likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike are well-known for their services and products worldwide. Achieving such brand…

PPC belfast, PPC northern Ireland pay per click Blog
11 December, 2015

Tis the Season to Prepare your PPC Campaigns for Christmas!

  Tis the season to glaze your PPC Ad Campaigns with Christmas spirit to drive maximum sales and conversions. Search advertising drives over half of all online sales transactions that…

e commerce solution experts ni Blog
2 December, 2015

3 of the Most Common SEO Mistakes to AVOID

SEO will either send your e-commerce website skyrocketing to the top of search result pages or send it plummeting to the bottom of the barrel. Don’t let your e-commerce website…

magento ecommerce developers Blog
18 November, 2015

Why Magento is KING of Ecommerce Platforms

If E-Commerce had a monarchy, Magento would take the crown as the king of E-Commerce platforms. It is the reason why millions of online businesses are constantly migrating away from…

Video Production for Google SEO Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
16 November, 2015

Local SEO Success Checklist – Tick them off as you go!

Since Google’s ‘Pigeon’ update first spread its wings over a year ago, businesses (both big and small) have seen it as a unique opportunity to fine-tune their SEO techniques according…

Branding Ecommerce Analysis Conversion rate Optimisation Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
13 November, 2015

Is your E-Commerce website ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday??

Black Friday is fast approaching and we as techy folk, are caught up in the digital sales universe and we all know what that means – Cyber Monday is COMING!…

copy writing for SEO belfast Blog
3 November, 2015

Why Does My Small Business NEED Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is at the forefront of E-Commerce success. You may already have a website with great products, clear images and the best prices in your area but unfortunately this is…

email marketing Blog
27 October, 2015

5 Key Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a useful online marketing channel that enables businesses to reach their target audience from the comfort of their trusted inbox – an ability worth mastering! Email marketing…

Pay Per Click PPC Blog
23 October, 2015

Improve Online Sales with an Effective PPC Campaign

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a crucial part of a company’s digital marketing strategy in which the advertiser pays a set fee each time a user clicks on one of their ads….

Increase business leads with professional website design development Blog
16 October, 2015

Why Should Your Business Implement Conversion Rate Optimisation?

  At the very heart of Conversion Rate Optimisation lies the pursued objective to discover what users are searching for when they visit your website and to use this data…

magento integrations specialists ireland Blog
6 October, 2015

How to Design Product Pages that CONVERT

Product pages will either attract new customers or motivate them to hop into the shopping cart of another website. So, how can your product pages turn a visitor into a…

SEO Website Traffic Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
1 October, 2015

5 Signs it’s time to Redesign your Website

  Redesigning your website is necessary to keep up with ever-changing technologies. Your website is your best marketing tool, acting as a public persona to reflect your brands vision and…

digital marketing SEO content writing blog writing belfast northern ireland Blog
30 September, 2015

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

  Adapting an effective digital content strategy can help your business website to develop brand awareness, increase organic search engine results, drive high quality traffic to your website and increase…

ecommerce conversion rate optimisation belfast northern ireland Blog
29 September, 2015

5 Ways Psychology Can Be Used To BOOST Conversion Rates

  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is ultimately about influencing more visitors to take a desired action on your website. Understanding the psychology of persuasion and learning what influences human behaviour…

ecommerce web design and seo belfast northern ireland Blog
28 September, 2015

10 Best SEO Practices for Ecommerce Websites

  Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for eCommerce sites to drive uphill traffic and convert customers. Reaching those precious top positions in search results is something that every eCommerce…

ecommerce web design and development belfast northern ireland Blog
25 September, 2015

How to Choose the BEST Digital E-Commerce Agency in UK and Ireland

A website is one of the greatest tools that a business can have at its disposal. When choosing an eCommerce development company, it can be tempting to go with the…

ecommerce Northern Ireland Blog
23 September, 2015

E-Commerce: Expanding to a Global Market

  Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios predicted in 1996 that global eCommerce “is going to be HUGE”…and he was right. Reeling in customers from…

Magento Ecommerce benefits blog Blog
21 September, 2015

10 Advantages of Using a Magento E-Commerce Platform

  1 out of 4 businesses choose Magento as their eCommerce platform. The average server response time of this E-Bay owned brand is less than 100 milliseconds with page loading…

Web Analytics for web design and ecommerce Blog
18 September, 2015

How can Web Analytics Enhance your Business Strategy?

  Web Analytics refers to the intricate process of analysing, monitoring and reacting to activity on your website. This involves tracking important aspects of website traffic such as where visitors…

website upgrade Blog
17 September, 2015

Leading Web Design Trends of 2015/2016

  Web design is a modern art form that strives to provide an excellent online user experience. When your website speaks to the individual, taking into consideration their wants, needs,…

magento development specialists Blog
14 September, 2015

Ecommerce: Boost Conversion Rates

The quality and effectiveness of your ecommerce site has a direct impact on sales conversions. The average conversion rate for UK ecommerce online stores is around 3.3%. On-site optimisation drives…

User Interface, Usability Design Blog
9 September, 2015

Create a Powerful Website with User Experience Design (UXD)

User Experience Design (UXD) refers to the central process of successfully improving user experience and satisfaction by addressing each individual aspect of a website and honing them in a way…

SEO Belfast, SEO Northern Ireland banner Ryco BlogSEO
2 September, 2015

The Ultimate Key to Higher Rankings

Discovering the secrets of SEO is a little like opening the internet’s version of Pandora’s Box – you never quite know what you might find. Google Algorithms are constantly changing…

The Living Centre Northern Ireland Responsive Magento Developers Blog
1 September, 2015

Responsive Design Encourages E-Commerce Growth

Over the last year there has been a growing trend edging towards a more responsive approach to the design of ecommerce websites. This is largely due to the fact that…

web design experts developers, web design belfast BlogSEO
24 August, 2015

Google Unleashes a ‘Slow Rollout’ of Panda 4.2

In February 2011, Google introduced a brand new search filter entitled Google Panda with the aim to dramatically reduce the chances of sites containing poor quality content from reaching the…

Branding belfast Northern Ireland, SEO search engine optimisation Belfast Northern Ireland BlogSEO
21 August, 2015

Search Engines: Helping your SEO Strategy Keep Up with Changing Algorithms

Think of an algorithm as a data recipe. This recipe holds all of the essential ingredients that search engines require to provide people with the best possible search results. But…

mobile responsive web design ecommerce Belfast Northern Ireland BlogE-CommerceResponsive Design
19 August, 2015

The Importance of Adopting a Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Site

With over 100 billion global online searches carried out each month, it is no surprise that Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, have amended their algorithms…

Branding belfast, seo search engine optimisation belfast northern ireland company Blog
17 August, 2015

Advantages of Google for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to build a business’ online presence using effective, fast and user-friendly websites that automatically rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. The…

secure magento ecommerce web design services belfast northern ireland BlogE-Commerce
14 August, 2015

How a Secure E-Commerce Solution can help you Reduce Scam Risk

Using a secure e-commerce will help to ensure that your site is never at risk of being hacked or invaded by members from a third-party. Valuable data must be protected…

magento ecommerce developers Blog
11 August, 2015

E-Commerce: Necessity for Businesses on the Web

E-commerce is an essential requirement for businesses who wish to broaden their brand via the web in order to increase sales and expand their reach to a wider audience of…

Branding Ecommerce Analysis Conversion rate Optimisation Belfast Northern Ireland Blog
16 July, 2015

Ecommerce – Gateway To Global Trade Domination

Doing business online is now accepted as a means of business growth potential on a global scale. Many entrepreneurs are now recognising the value of virtual stores and are convinced…

magento ecommerce developers belfast web design northern ireland, digital marketing agency belfast Blog
1 July, 2015

Ecommerce – Ecommerce Solution For All Businesses

The basic premise is that an ecommerce solution is a necessity for anyone who wishes to do business on the web. It can be defined in various ways, but it…

facebook belfast Uncategorized
1 June, 2015

How to Choose a Genuine Web Design Company in Belfast

Choosing to develop a website for your business is a wise investment that will continue to churn out great results and evolve your brand with an effective online presence. However,…

SEO Strategy Blog
25 June, 2014

Ecommerce – Planning For A successful Ecommerce Website Design

Deja vu is a very useful experience to draw from when planning to design your ecommerce website. The pitfalls are many for the uninitiated and for the entrepreneur looking for…

magento ux design Blog
1 June, 2014

Ecommerce – The Advantages

Ecommerce or Electronic Commerce is the system whereby the consumer can buy or sell goods and services over the Internet and transfer payments or funds through digital media channels. It…

branding belfast, ecommerce web design belfast northern ireland Blog
25 May, 2014

Ecommerce – Misinformation On Creating Effective Ecommerce Websites

There is a plethora of information on the Internet advising how to create effective ecommerce solutions. Such is the amount of advice available that the good gets lost with the…

ecommerce security web design SEO blog writing Blog
12 May, 2014

Reducing Fraud Risk Through Secure Ecommerce

If your business accepts credit card payments then you are susceptible to credit card fraud and computer hacking. High Street retail stores and ecommerce businesses acknowledge this danger and have…

brand design belfast, ecommerce web design SEO marketing Belfast Blog
1 May, 2014

Ecommerce Requirements

Ecommerce website development has streamlined and smoothed many functions either individually or in an integrated fashion, that in effect has revolutionised online business. The transfer of money over the Internet…

specialist ecommece web design marketing agency belfast northern ireland Blog
16 April, 2014

Top Tips To Ensure Maximum Performance For Your Ecommerce Solutions

If you have done your research and can pinpoint times when your business online is most busy, then you can take corrective steps to ensure optimum performance at these pressure…

ecommerce web design solutions belfast northern ireland banner Blog
16 April, 2014

Ecommerce Getting the Best Out of Your Ecommerce Website

To get the best out of your ecommerce web solution, “it must do as it says on the tin” – to coin a cliche. The internet world of buying and…

branding agency, logo belfast ecommerce web design consultant belfast northern ireland Blog
16 April, 2014

Ecommerce Defining an Ecommerce Consultant

A consultant is normally someone who is expert in their field or speciality and becomes a professional adviser to those who require their expert or specialised skills and help. In…

ecommerce content methods Blog
16 April, 2014

Ecommerce Evolution

What began as a highly competitive ecommerce sphere has evolved into an arena where ecommerce software providers are providing the complete package for aspiring online entrepreneurs to establish Internet e…

Newry Statistics belfast web google analytics Blog
16 April, 2014

Web Design Belfast

The evolution of digital initiatives has brought down the risk involved in business promotional activities. Many creative and professionally versatile Belfast based Website Design companies are there to help rejuvenate…

UX Design for success Blog
16 April, 2014

Ecommerce (Online Sales)

Try to quantify global sales and the statistical analysis becomes difficult if not impossible. The variables governing the results are so prone to change that daily, weekly or monthly data…

UX Design Planning Blog
16 April, 2014

Ecommerce – Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Opening any type of business requires a business plan and failing to do a plan will most often see the demise of the business before it gets started. The same…

copy writing northern ireland Blog
16 April, 2014

Email Marketing Pointers

As Email is an increasingly important technical tool in online communications, it is vital that we take cognisance of the fact that it is also one of the most effective…

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