Create a Powerful Website with User Experience Design (UXD)

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User Experience Design (UXD) refers to the central process of successfully improving user experience and satisfaction by addressing each individual aspect of a website and honing them in a way that will increase the usability, accessibility and enjoyment delivered to the consumer from a functional and visual perspective. According to Tech Infographics, 68% of users leave a site because of a poorly designed UX. If your site does not meet the necessary standards of a good UXD, it will ultimately fail to provide excellent user experience and therefore is more likely to lose the interest of current and potential customers.

An improved UX Design will help to increase sales (for e-commerce sites), site productivity, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. An example of a thriving e-commerce site is Amazon which is currently one of the largest online global retailers in the world. Amazon saw a huge leap forward in the business with gains of £300 million a year thanks to the new and improved UX Design strategy that they recently acquired. Many businesses are following Amazon’s lead and hope to improve their customer’s experience by incorporating a UX Design that provides:

  • A clear visual hierarchy – the site should be designed in a way that ensures that the viewers eyes are immediately drawn to the main focal point of content. This could be anything from the login form to the main title on the page etc.
  • Functioning buttons and links – there should be no broken links or errors on site.
  • A seamless experience – all devices should be able to provide the same features, functions and design that is present on the original desktop version of the site.
  • User-friendly navigation – incorporate an easy-to-use navigating system so that customers/users can operate and browse the site however they please.

UX Design is a wise investment that will enable businesses to reap its benefits long into the future. A successful and productive UX design will decrease costs connected to training, maintenance and support because customers will no longer need assistance to navigate and interact with your site. For each £1 invested in UX, up to £100 is returned. This proves that User Experience design is an essential aspect to any website.

There are five essential aspects to a successful UX Design:

  1. Market Research – You must be aware of your customer base and target audience. Achieving this requires a deeper understanding of customers experience on your site and with your acquired software.
  2. Visual Design – The visual presentation of your site is vital towards conveying the right message to your customers. You want the design of your site to encourage decisions to be made that will result in action, such as making a purchase or signing up for the monthly newsletter etc.
  3. Interaction Design –Accurate and sufficient research should be carried out to assess user needs before incorporating them into the site.
  4. Data Planning – The architectural aspect of your sites information must be structured accordingly so that data is easy to locate, navigate and to find online.
  5. Usability & Accessibility – Improve the overall usability of the site so that customers can access all features of the site in the easiest way possible.

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