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Facebook is an SME brand-building powerhouse

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The potential benefits of Facebook are huge, but many SMEs fail to capitalise on the opportunities on offer. Social media provides an easy way to learn about your customers and keep abreast of your competitors. It can help you reach new customers and expand your market. Facebook alone has more than a billion daily users. Social media can allow you to engage directly with the public, building relationships, bolstering your brand and strengthening your reputation as a thought leader.
Shopping decisions are influence more than 80% of Centennials, 74% of Millennials, 58% of Generation X and 41% of Baby Boomers by social media .

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Why Facebook Training ?

The potential benefits are thrilling, yet many SMEs fail to capitalise on them. Some rush in and engage without the planning that they would apply to any other marketing initiative, placing these powerful tools in untrained hands. In a worst case scenario, they find themselves involved in a public relations crisis without knowing how to respond. Others are reticent about engaging because they lack the know-how or they are deterred by the risks. This is why professional Facebook training is key to ensure your business can push forward in the correct way.

Canal Court Social Media Facebook Training


“Having initially met with Glenn & Damien from Ryco Marketing who were excellent in identifying opportunities within our business, we subsequently attended a training course predominately focusing on online marketing with particular emphasis on Facebook and social media channels. Whilst we use these tools on a daily basis and believed we were maximising opportunities within this channel ourselves, it was only when we sat with their expert Mark, that we realised there was much more we could be doing in order to improve our presence and gain maximum exposure on Facebook to improve our business. Mark brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to his training day and would not hesitate to recommend both him and the Ryco Marketing for anything in the future”

Kind Regards
Orla Hayes
Sales & Marketing
Canal Court Hotel & Spa

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Social media should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy and, because of its real-time nature and the high level of reputational risk involved, it needs to be managed by well-trained people. Ryco can help you put your best foot forward with social media and position your business to exploit all of the potential benefits.

Ryco’s social media marketing specialists, have managed some of the busiest social media communities in the world for some of the biggest brands on the island of Ireland, including Vodafone, Carlsberg, Guinness and Vivo.

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Our specialists will review your existing social media footprint and those of your competitors, to identify practical steps that will put social media to work for your business.


Through our engaging and hands-ontraining workshops, We can help you with:
• Developing a social media strategy
• Conducting an audit of your current social media presence, your potential audience and your competitors
• Identifying online conversations about your organisation
• Building your community
• Developing great content and maximising its reach
• Developing safe, legal and effective promotions/competitions
• Maintaining a safe and productive community
• Managing a crisis and responding to negative feedback, complaints and criticism
• Measuring success: understanding analytical data

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Social Media Video Master Class – a Full Day Practical video-making, editing and publishing workshop

Learn about the strategies, equipment and techniques used to make great video content for social media.


“We learned how to make video content to achieve greater engagement, as this was something that we have struggled with in the past. We were shown different types of film-making equipment and we worked together to make and edit a short film.” – Bronagh McAteer, Digital Communications Officer, Sport Northern Ireland.

  • Learn by exploring examples of great video content for social media
  • How to generate great content ideas
  • Planning a shoot
  • Equipment Show and tell with cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, light etc.
  • Getting the shot: composition and framing
  • Lighting basics for video production
  • Sound recording basics for video production
  • Generate a number of ideas for great video content
  • Learn how to broadcast live using Facebook Live and how to promote these broadcasts in advance
  • Editing video content
  • Structuring, composing, scheduling and publishing video content for maximum engagement.

Practical activity

“The training was very useful and insightful and will help us going forward with our communications strategy.” – Bronagh McAteer, Digital Communications Officer, Sport Northern Ireland.

The master class includes a practical activity where participants work together to shoot a short video together, then edit it and compose an accompanying post.

The trainer

“The experience was fun and informative. Mark has a nice energy around him that made listening to him enjoyable as he explained things to us.” – Bronagh McAteer, Digital Communications Officer, Sport Northern Ireland.

Ryco training is provided by industry specialists.

Mark successfully managed some of the busiest social media communities in the world for some of Ireland’s biggest brands, including the Vodafone Ireland page, the Carlsberg Football page and the Guinness Rugby and Hurling pages. He has provided training and guidance for hundreds of businesses and organisations of all sizes throughout the island of Ireland, including Sport NI, Vivo, Pinnacle Systems, EJ Menswear, The Cedar Foundation, Action Cancer and MACS NI. Marked worked as a trainee Assistant Director on season 7 of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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