Social Media Workshops Belfast

Half Day workshop: Facebook content masterclass 

  1. Identify, by exploring relevant examples, the different types of content that work best on Facebook
  2. Learn how to write text that encourages people to engage
  3. Learn, by exploring examples, how to make great graphics for Facebook
  4. Explore examples of great video content for Facebook and discuss what makes them effective
  5. Generate a number of ideas for great video content
  6. Start planning using a Facebook content calendar
  7. Learn how to broadcast live using Facebook Live and how to promote these broadcasts in advance.
  8. Plan and make initial arrangements for the video shoot in the practical workshop


Full Day workshop: Practical video-making for social media

By the end of this full-day practical workshop participants will have learned…

Classroom workshop (AM): 

  1. the equipment and simple techniques used to make great video content
  2. how to schedule and publish video content on Facebook.
  3. what great video content looks like
  4. How to generate ideas
  5. How to plan a shoot
  6. Composition and framing
  7. Basic lighting setups
  8. How to capture great sound
  9. Editing and sharing on social media

Practical workshop (PM):

Work together to shoot a short video: a 90 second interview for social media. The team will set up the camera, lighting and sound and shoot the footage under our direction.


Half day workshop: video editing masterclass

By the end of this half-day practical workshop participants will have learned… to use common editing tools found in the leading non-linear ideating (NLE) programs such as Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

2.when why and how and how to cut and join video clips to use b-roll to hide cuts to add music and sound effects to use video and audio transitions to add titles to output rendered video for social media

This will be achieved by editing a real video project and producing a final cut.


Half day workshop: Facebook Advertising Masterclass

By the end of this half-day workshop participants will have learned…

  1. Principles of advertising
  2. What great adverts look like – through examples
  3. How to generate and refine ideas for great Facebook ads
  4. How competitors are using social media advertising
  5. How to design set up and schedule an advert on Facebook


Half day workshop: running effective competitions and promotions for social media

By the end of this half-day workshop participants will have learned…

  1. Five benefits of social media for businesses 
  2. Social Media contests: the risks
  3. Developing a strategy for your contest
  4. The legislation and codes governing contests
  5. Facebook rules regarding contests
  6. Twitter rules regarding contests
  7. Writing terms and conditions 
  8. Selecting a winner
  9. Examples of contest formats
  10. Understanding analytical data 


Half day workshop: Safely Managing your business or community Facebook page

By the end of this half-day workshop participants will have learned…

  1. How to set rules and boundaries for your Facebook page: community standards
  2. How to safely moderate your Facebook page
  3. How to deal with crises
  4. How to handle complaints or criticism
  5. How to manage the range of page management roles
  6. How to develop effective content
  7. How to build engagement by networking with other pages
  8. How to Evaluate progress


The trainers

Training is provided by our team of experts including Mark Byrne. Mark successfully managed some of the busiest social media communities in the world for some of Ireland’s biggest brands, including the Vodafone Ireland page, the Carlsberg Football page and the Guinness Rugby and Hurling pages. He has provided training and guidance for hundreds of businesses and organisations of all sizes throughout the island of Ireland, including Sport NI, CT1, Vivo, Pinnacle Systems, EJ Menswear, The Cedar Foundation, Action Cancer and MACS NI.

Our team of experts can help with any digital marketing, adwords, video production, social media, SEO, Magento or web design questions you may have.