How can Web Analytics Enhance your Business Strategy?

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Web Analytics refers to the intricate process of analysing, monitoring and reacting to activity on your website. This involves tracking important aspects of website traffic such as where visitors are coming from, how they engage with your site, what their common traits are and how long they spend viewing your website.

Despite its obvious value to online businesses, only 17% of brands are able to fully analyse their customer journey. The main reason for this incredibly low percentage is due to the fact that they merely lack the means to execute such gradations of data analytics.

A professional Digital Marketing Agency can accurately use analytics to encourage businesses to make informed marketing decisions. Incorporating professional analytics into your online business strategy will enable you to define and improve upon specific elements that have a negative influence on your return on investment and profitability.

However, simply obtaining data is NOT enough. A Marketing anthropologist is needed to bridge gaps, implement essential changes and slash through the clutter of collected data to pinpoint exactly what is needed to transform your company into an online profit making enterprise.


You NEED analytics to determine:


Demographics – site analytics can be accurately combined with remarketing data to discover gender, age and the keen interests of your viewers.

Geographic Location – Reveal exactly where in the universe your viewers are from such as country, state and the precise city etc.

Time – Which time of day is your highest peaking point? Is there is an explanation for this?


Key Analytics allows your business to drive direct traffic to your website, build brand awareness and establish a loyal customer base. As a result, web analytics helps you to develop a superior business strategy and as a result, a better understanding of your customers.

Your marketing campaigns can be closely followed to gauge their success. You will be able to see the amount of clicks that your ads received and how this effects generated traffic.

Your business should integrate online marketing campaigns with web analytics to optimise campaigns and to help determine which segments of your campaign produced quality traffic and which aspects are better left in the trashcan.

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