Leading Web Design Trends of 2015/2016

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Web design is a modern art form that strives to provide an excellent online user experience. When your website speaks to the individual, taking into consideration their wants, needs, preferences and demands, you immediately have a competitive advantage.


First impressions are CRUCIAL.


Your website needs to give potential customers the best possible first impression in the limited time frame of just 10 seconds. Within these short seconds, you must accurately express what they will get out of your website. If you fail to give them a reason to stay, you’ll lose them forever.

Whilst some design paradigms never go ‘out of style’, trends do change with each passing year. 2015 trends are likely to last well into 2016 and beyond because they have proven to be influential and effective web design traits. Below are three of 2015’s most popular and effective web design trends:


Flat Design

Flat design is a prominent trend this year and focuses on using simple user interfaces and smaller sized images which results in increased page loading times. This functional design is ideal for smartphones, speaking directly to the contemporary web user. Responsive web design has come to be expected as recent studies have indicated that a massive 40% of people will choose a different search result if the first option is not mobile friendly.


LESS Clutter equals MORE Conversions

Our society has become more impatient and time conscious. People simply do not have the time to waste admiring a website that is packed with clutter. Keep it simple and you will attract a larger customer base. This trend involves using better typography and a stronger visual hierarchy which allows visitors to view the content that matters. Drawing the eye to the most important features of a web page is extremely important. Simple but powerful text will do a lot more for your conversion rates than a web page filled with too much clutter.


Multimedia is a MUST-HAVE

Moving images, sound and user interaction are all expected to be included in any good website. Aspects such as widgets, menus that follow your scrolling habits on the page and other multimedia features is now considered as being standard practice in web design. Use only high quality images that are clear, big and visually appealing/relevant. Future web designs in 2015/2016 are likely to continue this trend with particular focus on bigger and bolder images.


There are many other growing trends within the web design industry but these three seem to be the most prominent trends that are likely to become lasting marks of web design.

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