How to Choose the BEST Digital E-Commerce Agency in UK and Ireland

By 25 September, 2015 No Comments

A website is one of the greatest tools that a business can have at its disposal. When choosing an eCommerce development company, it can be tempting to go with the option that claims “low prices and fast results”. However, these types of companies are usually amateurs in the business and their services are unlikely to deliver neither positive nor productive results. Choosing a professional and experienced web design firm will ensure that the essence of your brand is captured and successfully executed.

Recent research has revealed a 25% increase in online sales. This number is likely to increase, which is why it is so important that you choose an eCommerce agency that not only offers you value for money, but delivers on their promises.

Think of it as a long term investment.

You are likely to be working with your provider on a long term basis for ongoing support, additional services and help with the future expansion of your eCommerce website. Because websites have so many different functions and features operating all at once, it is useful to have a professional ear willing to listen to your ideas.

You need an agency that you can TRUST.

So, how can you differ the good firms from the bad?

You must determine their credibility. Have they won any awards? What have their previous customers said about their services? Are they able to provide relevant analytic reports and evidence of previous successes?

Years of experience is usually a tell-tale sign that the company is successful, established and stable. A range of clients from different sectors will ensure that the company is familiar with various website projects and are therefore more eligible to cater to your individual eCommerce needs.

In the same way that an artist or animator uses a portfolio to showcase their skills, a website development company should have an impressive portfolio to show to potential clients. It should outline their experience and enable you to better define their professionalism and evaluate their functionality and usability (regarding previous solutions provided to clients in the past). You can obtain better knowledge of the agency’s skills, experience, expertise and overall success rate by simply viewing their portfolio.

A trusted company is a flexible company. This means that if you feel that changes are needed to the design or content of your website, a professional web design firm will be open to these changes and will offer their own ideas, solutions and possible concerns with regards to certain aspects of your site.

One of the best ways that will help you to differentiate the best firms from the rest is to meet them face to face. This obviously poses as a problem if you have chosen a company based abroad. What is the solution to this dilemma?


Choosing a trusted LOCAL web design company will allow you to get a better feel for the firm and its staff members. Being able to negotiate ideas and possible solutions for the success of your eCommerce is a HUGE advantage. Instead of blindly trusting a company through emails, you will be able to speak to them in person, bounce ideas off one another and speak to them over the phone and via video conference etc.

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