How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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Adapting an effective digital content strategy can help your business website to develop brand awareness, increase organic search engine results, drive high quality traffic to your website and increase click-through-rate (CTR).

But what is a digital content strategy?

Think of it as your online business plan.

Essentially, it refers to the creation of quality branded editorial content that is used throughout all types of devices, platforms and media channels. It provides measurable success for brands and assists your marketing goals to provide direction towards a fruitful outcome.

The first step is to define your objectives. Consider what form your content should take. Should it be in the form of a blog? Or perhaps it will be an app, video or website etc. Once you have defined your objectives and overall goal that you wish to achieve, you can begin to implement these changes into your existing content strategy.


Forms of Content:

Published Content: This refers to anything that has been published online by your brand such as social media posts, articles and blogs etc.

Reactive Content: When you post content and someone directly responds or reply’s to it, this is reactive content and provides a great way to develop trust and communication with your customers.

Proactive Content: Promoting your brand or business via other people’s networks. Includes re-tweeting, guest posts and sharing content etc.


Next, you need to define your target audience.

These are the potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This may require some research to help you understand your market and what it is that they are looking for in a brand. Creating quality content is useless unless you know who your audience is.

Use online discussions, surveys, focus groups, competitor’s audiences’ and carry out interviews with various consumers to help you develop a better understanding about your ideal customer. You can then adapt and steer your content strategy towards pleasing your target audience.

You will likely need to appoint a digital marketing agency that will be able to provide expertise and relevant resources to help create effective and powerful content. They will also be able to help you establish your distribution strategy. Your agency will advise you on the strengths and costs of various content strategies, campaigns and formats.

How will your content reach customers?

A web design firm will be able to assist with this matter and provide ultimate solutions that will drive traffic to your eCommerce site, increase brand awareness and help you to strive ahead of your competitors.

Content topics and ideas must attract potential customers and encourage them to convert to your brand. Your header or title needs to be simple and to the point. Titles that include numbers, such as “10 ways to add creativity to your home” tend to drive a lot more traffic than long-winded titles. The body of your text should be clear, precise and use simple language. Avoid jargon and filler text that will send your readers to sleep before the second paragraph. Keep it light, entertaining and informative. Developing your brands voice will take time but after some practice, you will begin to see what kind of content drives the most traffic to your site and which have a poorer performance rate.


Create consistent and relevant content.


People have short attention spans, especially when they are online. Therefore, it is important to keep your reader engaged. Clear and concise language is a MUST. Use conversational wording to establish a personal connection with your readers. Evoking emotion is also a great element to content writing. Appeal to your customers by making them feel excited about your brand and you will definitely see a growth in conversions.

Once you have adapted and experimented with your content strategy over the course of a few months, you will have enough data to analyse and evaluate its performance. Content that performs well should be improved upon even more in the future whilst under-performing content should act as building blocks. Learn from your past mistakes and adapt changes to your content until you are pleased with the outcome.

Be patient. Developing an effective digital content strategy takes time. It’s mainly about trying new things, seeing what worked and what didn’t, and then adjusting content accordingly.

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