How to Shed the Cloak of Online Invisibility

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Building brand awareness online may seem like an endless uphill battle. The likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Nike are well-known for their services and products worldwide. Achieving such brand recognition and success seems impossible. Hell will freeze over by the time your brand becomes a household name, right?


Lifting the cloak of invisibility and generating a larger online presence takes time, effort, skill and above all – dedication. You won’t get anywhere without putting the work in (or letting an e-commerce specialist do it for you).

Fortunately, we have come up with a handy list of ways in which you can improve your brands visibility online and boost brand awareness.


Consistency is Key

Your branding must be consistent across all online channels. Focus on what your business is really about and use this to reinforce the core essence of your brand to potential customers. Consistency will build brand recognition and credibility. There is no point claiming something on one channel and having your social media page tell a completely different story altogether. Make the most out of the various online channels available to your business such as your company’s website, your social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.), blogs, document sharing sites and so on.


PPC Campaigns

Investing in PPC and search ads will help to get your brands name out there, branching out to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. In some cases, you can even boost consumer awareness of your brand by up to a quarter. Search ads drive traffic to your site but they also improve your online presence. If your website just missed out on the top positions on search results, PPC Campaigns can bring you right to the top of the screen.


Optimised Website

An optimised website is a definite must if you want people to take your business and brand seriously. Everything needs to be perfect, down to the very last keyword. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the constant process of making necessary and relevant changes to your website to enable it to appear as high as possible on search engine result pages. A website that has been professionally optimised will attract quality traffic and improve both their online credibility and visibility.


Social Media

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase brand recognition is to take it to the biggest social media networks available, such as Facebook and Twitter. A post can go viral within minutes, reaching thousands upon thousands of potential customers in the blink of an eye. Social Media Marketing is cost effective and can be used to accurately promote your business. You can use this marketing tool to promote brand loyalty, recognition and increase sales.


Quality Content

Have you ever heard of the saying, content is king? Producing and distributing high quality content is an easy way to gain online visibility. It must be precise, grammatically correct and as interesting as possible. Skip the boring old product descriptions pulled from a manufacturers website and give your own spin on the subject – it will pay off in the long run (we promise). Making product descriptions more personal will also dramatically improve the chances of a sales conversion as customers will be able to better visualise themselves with the product. An onsite blog will also help to enhance brand awareness because it establishes brand validity and credibility.


Online Video

YouTube is now the second largest search engine online, so it is well worth making the most out of this useful channel. Making a video to promote your products, services or brand, will help to create decent exposure to the right people. Reaching your target audience with a video will appeal to many viewers who may not have the time to sit and read large chunks of text. Build a deeper connection and bond with your customers by giving them effective and entertaining videos. This will also encourage them to get talking about your brand and before you know it, your video could go viral overnight!

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