How to Make Sure Site Migration won’t Lose Customers!

By 4 August, 2016 No Comments

Site migrations occur for a variety of reasons. Yet, one factor usually remains the same and that is the fear of losing traffic and revenue as a result of site migration. This fear stems from the fact that it’s all too easy to mess up your sites ranking performance during the migration process. Site owners must understand the risks involved with site migration, and the impact of a recently changed domain name. If done incorrectly, your site may not rank as well as your previous one. This can result in decreased search visibility, traffic and even sales. Thankfully, we know just how to deal with such an intricate process. Here are some of the best techniques to ensure your site migrates as smoothly as possible:

What to Consider

48239-O5KKU7It is important to create a detailed migration plan. This will help ensure that each business target is met accordingly. It will also be worth taking essential factors into consideration, such as legacy site architecture, the architecture of the new site and the platform technical limitations.

Incorporate SEO from the Beginning

Don’t leave SEO until the last minute of the site migration. For some reason, many companies believe that SEO can be touched upon at the end of the migration process. They think that it can act as an add-on once all the heavy lifting has been done. However, this is completely false. SEO should be implemented by an experienced SEO provider from the very start of the migration process. This should be someone who knows what they are doing and who can direct your site towards success.

Redirects and Mapping

Many business owners simply forget all about their redirects and mapping when it comes to site migration. This process involves quite a lot of testing through each phase of the migration process. Old subdomains must be checked and the sites need to be crawled in order to ensure a flawless transition. Without doing so, your company’s older pages may still be indexed. This will unfortunately pose as a serious problem when you try to recover lost authority.


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