20 Creative ways YouTube can Help Grow your Business

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YouTube receives over four billion views a day, making it the second largest search engine online. Thousands of businesses have leveraged its grand popularity to promote their brand and services. You too, can use YouTube to expand your business and target a wider audience.


Visual Stimulus

Whilst written content helps to engage customers, people just can’t say no to videos. We are visual creatures by nature. Most customers will watch a related product or service video before deciding to make a purchase. Videos are well worth the time and effort it takes to make them. Trust us.


Social Network

YouTube is a social networking site. It allows potential customers to interact with your brand and leave feedback. This helps you to build a larger following.


YouTube Ads

Advertising on YouTube is fairly straightforward. There are even a few paid options available which work in a similar way to PPC campaigns. This mode of advertising opens your business up to a larger audience.


20 Creative ways to utilise YouTube for Business


1.      Demonstrate your expertise by uploading videos containing useful tips to potential clients. “How to” videos do particularly well on YouTube.


2.      Upload presentations and share the slides to help showcase your public speaking skills.


3.      Bag yourself an interview with a specialist in your market.


4.      Expand your reach by converting podcasts into short videos.


5.      Get yourself and your brand out there. Engage with the online community. Upload video responses and comment on relevant media.


6.      Don’t hide customer video testimonials, show them off to boost credibility even further.


7.      Explain the basic concept of your business with a unique video. The best way to sell a product is to show it in action!


8.      Has your business hosted an event? Promote it by uploading its video content.


9.      Make the most out of YouTube’s special features. These include audio swap, quick capture and annotations.


10.  A Staff introduction video will expand your brands credibility and trustworthiness.


11.  Give your viewers a glimpse into life at your office. A mini tour will promote your business in the best light. It will also help to increase the connection between your company and its customers.


12.  Cross-promote with others via video product placement agreements etc.


13.  Ask your staff members to share video content on their social networks.


14.  Consider hosting a competition or contest on YouTube to encourage customer engagement.


15.  Use Google Analytics and YouTube Insight to keep track of your channel’s performance.


16.  You can earn some extra money if you enter into a YouTube partnership.


17.  Include CTA’s in your videos and provide basic contact information.


18.  Include a video in a blog entry to give your written content more ground to stand on.


19.  Consider embedding relevant and useful videos on different web pages.


20.  If your customers have a problem, give them the solution via an insightful video.


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