Want to Boost Conversions? Ask yourself these Questions First!

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What should I do if my website is generating traffic, but visitors aren’t converting? We hear you. It’s a frustrating problem for any business to endure, but an easy one to resolve.

Instead of looking to your competitors for the solution, you should start a little closer to home. You may be surrounded by a dedicated team of intelligent individuals, but how much do they really know about optimising a website?

Are any of them ecommerce specialists?

Do they understand how to fine tune SEO campaigns to adhere to the constant changes of search engine algorithms?

If you’re running an ecommerce business, it helps to seek out professional advice from an ecommerce specialist. Whilst your employees may be geniuses in their own fields, it takes a different kind of genius to optimise an ecommerce website.

Before putting the life of your entire business on the line, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:


Are your CTA’s Attention Grabbing?


A CTA is a Call-to-Action trigger. It can be in the form of a button or a piece of text that provokes a visitor to “click!”

The secret to a stop-what-you’re-doing and pay attention CTA is simple. Use words that ignite interest in your audience and tells them exactly what to do next.

Your words must be action-orientated and concrete.

A direct statement such as “Click the Button Below” or “Buy Now” will encourage visitors to convert.

Give them a little nudge in the right direction and they will respond quicker. You can do this by implementing the fear of missing out. For example, “On Offer for a Limited Time Only” or consider including a countdown clock that will get shoppers reaching for their wallets and purses a lot faster.


How Easy is your Product Page to Navigate?


Shoppers are busy people. A confusing product page design is frustrating to customers. They want clear direction, not unclear labels and multiple tabs etc.

A poorly navigated product page will encourage shoppers to give up on their will to splurge. Avoid this clutter and stick to a simple design.

Use relevant information and forget excessive blocks of text that don’t explain your service. Make it easy for customers to navigate your product pages and you will see a rise in sales.


Can Customers Trust your Website?


To improve your site’s credibility, incorporate examples of social proof on your ecommerce website.

You can increase sales by 34% just by including real testimonials for visitors to read. This helps to build trust in your brand and shows that other shoppers have purchased your goods in the past.

Reviews allow customers to gain a deeper insight into the products or services offered. Social proof can do a lot for your ecommerce website, so make sure that you don’t let it slip off the radar.


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