Why Magento is KING of Ecommerce Platforms

By 18 November, 2015 No Comments

If E-Commerce had a monarchy, Magento would take the crown as the king of E-Commerce platforms. It is the reason why millions of online businesses are constantly migrating away from their current website hosts in favour of Magento. This unique eCommerce platform offers its users a series of rich features and powerful inbuilt functionalities. As the leading online platform, Magento can take your business to the highest levels of digital success.

When choosing the right platform for your business you must accurately define your individual business goals, objectives, vision, target audience and a USP of relevant products/services offered. Once you have gathered this information and you have your sights set firmly on the advancement of your company, it is then time to choose the perfect E-Commerce development platform that will get your business to where it needs to go.

Magento is, without a doubt, the BEST E-Commerce platform, especially for business that require a large amount of products on their listing pages and need an ultra-fast hosting system.

Why Choose Magento?

1. CMS customisation is simple and hassle-free.

2. Advanced supplier management modules.

3. The amount of additional modules that you can use to further customise your pages are endless.

4. You have freedom when choosing your hosting service.

5. Mobile Friendly.

6. Store integration across multiple devices such as smartphones, desktops and tablets etc.

7. Customer Segmentation.

8. As an open source platform, you can download Magento for free.

9. Use one system to manage and run multiple websites.

10. Scalable platform allows you to mold Magento to suit your individual business needs.

11. Advanced shipping options – great news for E-Commerce websites and their customers!

12. New features are constantly being added by the professional designers of Magento.

13. Strong and powerful security and 100% stability.


With so many advantages, it’s hard not to see why Magento is the ideal E-Commerce platform. With a sales focused Magento design, you can boost conversion rates, improve user experience, increase site loading times and market your brand in new and inspiring ways online.

Once you have a Magento E-Commerce website, the next step is to optimise its functions and speed. Full site analysis ensures that you obtain the best advancements as possible in accordance with your business objectives and desired outcomes.

In terms of SEO, Magento is a gold mine. Reach top search engine rankings and watch your traffic numbers rise as a result. With Magento’s ability (paired with the specialist knowledge of a professional E-Commerce development company) your business website can offer potential customers with the luxury of fast express checkouts and detailed shipping information.

Choose Magento if you want your business to achieve advanced TRAFFIC, CONVERSIONS and SUCCESS.

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