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How to Increase your E-Commerce Repurchasing Rate

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Acquiring a new customer costs five times as much as reselling to an existing or previous one. This reason alone should be enough to convince any business owner to start paying closer attention to their retention rates. According to a recent study carried out by one of the world’s leading marketing companies, 82% of business owners agree that retention proved to be a lot cheaper than the cost of acquisition. In fact, the likelihood of selling to a new customer is around 5 – 20% whilst the probability of re-selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%.

As you can see, spending more time and effort on retention rates is more likely to increase your online conversions. Here are some of the best practices used by ecommerce websites to increase retention and conversion rates:

Award loyal customers with great discounts

One of the best ways to draw people back to your site is by awarding their loyalty with special offers. It helps if these offers are exclusive and given to your loyal customer base BEFORE making them available to the general public. This will make your customers feel as though their loyalty has been awarded, encouraging them to continue to purchase from your company.

Use Customer Accounts Effectively

Imagine yourself as a new customer about to make a purchase on your site. Before your checkout is complete, you are given the option to either set up an account with your company, or checkout as a guest. The majority of first time customers will click on the guest checkout option because it is less time consuming, whereas setting up a whole new account can come across as being an unnecessary and lengthy commitment. The best way to utilise customer accounts is to prompt consumers to create one AFTER the order has been completed.

Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

Encouraging your customers to sign up with their email addresses will provide you with the unique opportunity to re-target previous customers with personalised emails. This will help you to build a closer relationship with your online consumers. You may wish to seek professional assistance when it comes to email marketing. Getting it right can result in massive improvement with regards to your site’s conversion rates, but getting it wrong can be a horrific mistake. Bombarding your customers with too many emails can tempt them into deleting their account with your company, or blocking your emails altogether. You need to make sure your email campaign has the right balance.

Utilise social media to better connect with customers

As a business looking to boost retention rates, social media is one of the best tools at your disposal. It enables you to reach out to your customers and connect with them on a more personal level. You are no longer a giant corporation with a blurry face to your customers, instead, you transform into a living and breathing organization. Post to your social channels often and take time to connect with your followers. Update your channel with news updates, promotions, new products and upcoming events etc. to help generate excitement and enthusiasm around your brand.

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online retail trends

Future Online Retail Trends: Have they gone too far?

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Online shoppers are more demanding than ever. They want quick check-out purchases, fast delivery (you’ll get brownie points if it’s free) and exceptional customer services without any unnecessary “jibber jabber”.

New online retail trends are expected to come into play within the next five years. Here are just a few online retail trends that are likely to make an entrance sooner rather than later:


1. Brands will Know A LOT more about You

Receiving personalised emails is nothing new, we’re well used to curated email marketing ploys. However, in the next few years’, brands will be able to take it a step further. E-Commerce brands will use Bluetooth low energy technology to find out more about your shopping habits.

Examples of the kind of information recorded includes: when (and where) you browsed for specific products  and how long your spent on each page etc. This is followed up by a reminder sent straight to your mobile or email address. Some reminders may persuade you to buy the product by using a special offer you simply can’t refuse.


2. Virtual Shopping is HERE

Virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. Online stores will soon implement augmented reality to give their customers an “immersive experience”. This means that you can try on clothes to see what they will look like on you before making a purchase. Such tools will decrease the chances of returning items to the store due to wrong fitting’s etc.


3. Advertising goes Mobile – again.

Mobile advertising will be the “norm” by 2019, with desktops expected to take the back bench. Texts with relevant and highly targeted messages will be a common sight in our future inboxes.

This type of in-app advertising will improve delivery services and customer satisfaction, making it easier to get in touch with brands to make queries and suggestions etc. Mobile payments are also expected to rise to over 2 billion by 2019.


4. Have your own Digital Personal Shopper/Assistant

Most online shoppers will have their own digital assistant to help them shop online. They will be able to filter our shopping experience in a more strategic and filtered approach.

For example, if you are shopping for a pair of jeans, your digital assistant will filter out incorrect sizes and pairs that are unlikely to be of interest, leaving you with a refined and targeted line up of potential products that are most likely to appeal to you.


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Why Magento is KING of Ecommerce Platforms

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If E-Commerce had a monarchy, Magento would take the crown as the king of E-Commerce platforms. It is the reason why millions of online businesses are constantly migrating away from their current website hosts in favour of Magento. This unique eCommerce platform offers its users a series of rich features and powerful inbuilt functionalities. As the leading online platform, Magento can take your business to the highest levels of digital success.

When choosing the right platform for your business you must accurately define your individual business goals, objectives, vision, target audience and a USP of relevant products/services offered. Once you have gathered this information and you have your sights set firmly on the advancement of your company, it is then time to choose the perfect E-Commerce development platform that will get your business to where it needs to go.

Magento is, without a doubt, the BEST E-Commerce platform, especially for business that require a large amount of products on their listing pages and need an ultra-fast hosting system.

Why Choose Magento?

1. CMS customisation is simple and hassle-free.

2. Advanced supplier management modules.

3. The amount of additional modules that you can use to further customise your pages are endless.

4. You have freedom when choosing your hosting service.

5. Mobile Friendly.

6. Store integration across multiple devices such as smartphones, desktops and tablets etc.

7. Customer Segmentation.

8. As an open source platform, you can download Magento for free.

9. Use one system to manage and run multiple websites.

10. Scalable platform allows you to mold Magento to suit your individual business needs.

11. Advanced shipping options – great news for E-Commerce websites and their customers!

12. New features are constantly being added by the professional designers of Magento.

13. Strong and powerful security and 100% stability.


With so many advantages, it’s hard not to see why Magento is the ideal E-Commerce platform. With a sales focused Magento design, you can boost conversion rates, improve user experience, increase site loading times and market your brand in new and inspiring ways online.

Once you have a Magento E-Commerce website, the next step is to optimise its functions and speed. Full site analysis ensures that you obtain the best advancements as possible in accordance with your business objectives and desired outcomes.

In terms of SEO, Magento is a gold mine. Reach top search engine rankings and watch your traffic numbers rise as a result. With Magento’s ability (paired with the specialist knowledge of a professional E-Commerce development company) your business website can offer potential customers with the luxury of fast express checkouts and detailed shipping information.

Choose Magento if you want your business to achieve advanced TRAFFIC, CONVERSIONS and SUCCESS.

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Is your E-Commerce website ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday??

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Black Friday is fast approaching and we as techy folk, are caught up in the digital sales universe and we all know what that means – Cyber Monday is COMING!

This is a fast and busy time for eCommerce websites and online retailers, who will need to be able to keep up with the dramatic increase of online traffic and conversions seen at this time. What began in the U.S has now ventured over to the UK and taken the entire country by storm!

Sales are expected to top £1 billion this year as Cyber Monday is predicted to dramatically out-sale Black Friday. People love grabbing themselves great deals and bargains in the month of November (and throughout the entire year for that matter). It’s the run up to Christmas and this exciting time provides us with great opportunities to save on Christmas shopping bills. Some major brands that are likely to be taking advantage of this climax of sales include John Lewis, Argos, Asda, PC World/Curry’s, Tesco and Apple etc. Despite the fact that these are ‘BIG BRANDS’, small online business can also reach the peak of their sales records on Cyber Monday.

With so much expected sales coming in, your website needs to be up to speed – literally! There should be no lagging and all pages, including product pages, should load up within a few short seconds. An E-Commerce specialist agency can help you to prepare your website so that by the time Black Friday and Cyber Monday gets underway – your site will be more than ready!

Many E-Commerce businesses underestimate the power of sales and special offers. People are automatically drawn to sales. Think about your weekly shopping trip to the grocery store. Now, picture yourself walking up and down the aisles, tossing various products into your trolley as you go. The event is tedious, normal and a little repetitive until – low and behold! – A huge red SALE sign grabs your attention. You end up saving a large chunk from your shopping bill and you leave the shop with a huge grin spread from ear to ear. THIS is the very same action that you want your online customers to take when they visit your website. Dish out the sales and reel in the customers, that’s how it’s done.

Black Friday occurs on 27th November whilst Cyber Monday commences on 30th November – your window of opportunity!

When customers visit your website on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you want them to feel as though there is a lot of intense competition surrounding the sales purchases. How can you stimulate this perception? You need to use expert marketing strategies for E-Commerce sites that guarantee increased sales and profit margins. Companies who specialise in SEO and E-Commerce success will be able to help you provide exceptional customer experience that drives conversion rates and ensures that your E-Commerce website dominates your online market place this Cyber Monday.

A responsive website will help you to gather mobile shoppers, who make up more than 70% of the sales not only carried out in November, but throughout the entire year. The sales frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will carry on through to December, followed by traditional January sales. On Cyber Monday itself, online sales are predicted to increase by 90%! You need to make sure that your business website can compete with its competitors.

Our multi-award winning marketeers and developers are also waiting to help with any digital marketing, adwords,  social mediaSEO Belfast or Magento ecommerce web design questions you may have. We also provide training for third party SEO software tools such as MOZ to ensure you can clearly monitor progress and ensure your campaign is of the highest quality.

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