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Make your content king by deploying a content marketing strategy that will transform your E Commerce platform into a sales magnet

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Make your content king by deploying a content marketing strategy that will transform your E Commerce platform into a sales magnet

Google’s algorithmic changes dating back to Penguin and Panda emphasised the need for more dynamic, authoritative and relevant content to offset the problems of spammy content used to gain higher page rankings in SERPS. Penguin specifically delisted certain sites that used nefarious tactics in link building to increase ranking and Panda promoted the idea that only better quality websites could achieve top rankings in the Search pages. Penalties were threatened and imposed for sites that displayed light content including word stuffing, plagiarism, duplication and ineffectual meta tags and meta descriptions. Some sites that failed to comply with Googles SEO guidelines were penalised with delisting and their consequent  disappearance in the Search Engine Page Rankings. Internet crawlers or bots quickly detected rogue sites or non compliant pages and refused to index them, leaving them in limbo. The lessons were learned and websites were cleaned up as quickly as webmasters could implement the necessary changes. 

E Commerce sites require an content marketing strategy to grow an online business. Feature rich content, whilst being informative, authoritative and dynamic is only an effective marketing tool if it attracts, retains and converts online visitors. As an efficient online growth stimulator it must build brand, generate leads and drive conversions – important elements often underestimated or ignored by E Commerce website owners and developers. The generic benefits of an effective content strategy will be automatically flagged up by the success of online sales and services.

By using content marketing to impart useful information about your products you can then share that product related knowledge on your blog posts, social media profiles and even product pages to attract and convert customers looking for those particular items. Once you have captivated your consumer you can convert by offering how-to videos, brochures and product comparisons to further engage and convert. Product videos on product pages can help consumers make that final decision to purchase. You can also manipulate social media by providing graphics and artwork to promote new products or again create  short promotional videos to engage, inform and convert potential customers. This intensified experience helps build consumer/brand relationships which are fundamental to online sales. Creating a stimulating online shopping environment will trigger a chain reaction in consumer’s behaviour that will attract, sustain interest and drive conversions.

You can create your own ideas for content marketing if you observe certain positive criteria and avoid content fatigue by providing your customers with what they consider a valuable proposition. Your idea should be:

Unique – it should not appear anywhere else on the web

Pertinent – provide content that is recognisable as relevant across the Search Engine

Advantageous – answers the consumer’s inquiry efficiently

Invaluable – imparts information –  specific information or knowledge that is not available anywhere else

Offering best experience – easily consumable on all devices

Expandable – the content can be developed and expanded

With this criteria in mind we have a number of content marketing ideas that we hope will inspire you to create more of your own:

A    Use customer reviews and photos as a social proof that your customers approve of your products You could inspire them to deploy a particular hash tag to tag their photos promoting your products.

B     We refer back to the use of product videos extolling  product value and worthiness. This can highlight the benefits of the product and create an emotional bond with it,  which will hopefully lead to a purchase on your site.

C    Create attractive graphics, displaying your products in working mode and use social media to disseminate the visual message which is proven to be a more effective medium than the written word, among consumers.

Hope you find food for thought in our ideas for content marketing and feel empowered and motivated to create your own creative strategy.

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