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Instagram for Business

15 Tips to Use Instagram for Business

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There are over 400 million active users on Instagram each month (over 20% of internet users). It’s a great way to connect and engage with your customers. Knowing how to use this app for marketing purposes (Social Media Optimisation) can help to increase customer engagement, brand awareness and generate online sales.

But how is it done?

Isn’t it enough to make a business account and post a few relevant photos every now and again?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. To give you a helping hand, we put Instagram under the DMM (Digital Marketing Microscope) to find out exactly what works for businesses…and what doesn’t.

15 Tips to Use Instagram for Business


1. Get the Basics Right

Before diving into the deep end you need to make sure your account uses an appropriate username. If your brand name is already taken, don’t lose hope. Choose an alternative that links to your business. Don’t forget to include a descriptive bio and a link to your main website. A branded photo is another necessity. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business page to get the best out of both worlds.


2. Don’t forget to use Hashtags (#)

Hashtags may originate from Twitter, but Instagram has perfected the use of hashtags for business and marketing purposes. The good news is that there is no character count limit, so you can use as many hashtags as you like. Don’t overdo it though!


3. Brand Specific Hashtags

There’s no point throwing out just any old hashtag. Use relevant and brand specific hashtags to target the right audience. Try using your company’s name as a hashtag to get people talking about your brand. It’s also a good idea to use different tags for individual marketing campaigns. This will help to promote your business.


4. Jump on the Hashtag Contest Bandwagon

In addition to using trending hashtags to stimulate traffic flow, users can take advantage of Instagram’s Hashtag contests. This involves starting a hashtag trend where your followers upload photos with a specific hashtag. These contest entries are then displayed in a type of photo gallery to help you vote for your favourite entry. It’s a great way to encourage viewers to engage with your brand. You can also offer an award to the lucky winner.


5. Engage with your Followers

If you’re followers aren’t engaging with your posts as much as you’d like, consider making the first move. Share your followers posts and photos posted on your own social networking sites. This shows that you have not only seen their posts, but you appreciate the time they have taken to engage with your brand.


6. Like, Comment and Respond!

Nobody likes to be ignored. Turning a blind eye to your followers is a huge mistake. Make sure to pay close attention and acknowledge your customers by liking their photos, commenting on related product photos and responding to any comments left on your photos or posts. This shows your customers that they are important to you and it also raises your credibility as a trusted brand.


7. Post Creative Photos

Take advantage of Instagram’s creative features. Enhance photos by experimenting with different angles, lighting techniques and filters. Update your account with creative photographs to grab people’s attention and encourage them to double tap your pics.


8. Use Videos to Entice Viewers

Learning how to use Instagram for business means making the most out of both photo posts and video updates. Instagram allows users to post 15 second videos. This is a great way to showcase your business in a new light. Make product videos of your products or services in use to share with your followers.


9. Make it Personal

People trust businesses with personality. Post uplifting and laid-back videos of your staff members to make them seem more real. Customers like people they can relate to. You don’t want your business to look as though it is a building of lifeless robots – make your Instagram posts personal to generate interest.


10. Use Instagram to Create Pre-Launch Momentum

Before launching a new product, Instagram is a great way to build excitement and momentum. Release tease videos with sneak peek glimpses into the new release.


11. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Get people talking about your products or services by asking insightful questions. Find out what customers think about your products by asking them when was the last them they used your product and ask them to post a photo of it in use etc.


12. Host Events

You can use Instagram for Business by spreading word about an upcoming event. For example, hosting an Instagram meet-up can help engage your customers with your brand even further. This is also a great way to meet potential customers. Don’t forget to promote a hashtag for any events hosted by your business.


13. Keep your Updates Consistent

Make sure that your Instagram for business account is updated with posts on a consistent basis. Don’t let it gather dust. Even if you don’t have many followers, it’s better to keep posting to build brand awareness.


14. Monitor Results

You can use analytic tools to monitor your Instagram results and progress. This will help you to keep track of likes, comments, followers and the overall effect of your Instagram account.


15. Stay Alert

Instagram for Business trends come and go as fast as lightning. A post can go viral in just a few minutes which is why it is important to keep on top of these new and exciting trends while they last. Improve your posts as your follower base grows and don’t be afraid to try new and creative ways to connect with your followers.


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How to Use Social Media for Business Development

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With over 2.1 billion people active on social media, it makes sense to utilise these online communal channels for business. People use social media for business to communicate, engage and share content. It brings forth a means by which business’ can develop a two-way dialogue with their customers. Your social media strategy and campaign will depend on the premise of your business, your target audience and the social network channel in use.

Below we have each of the big social media channels listed, along with ways in which they can be utilised to help grow your business:

How to Use Social Media for Business Development


As the #1 social media platform worldwide, Facebook can drive a traffic jam of potential customers to your business’s fan page. Cross-promote your fan page and business website by inserting a Facebook widget.

Leverage Google’s Social Search feature to have your Facebook content indexed by Google and drive traffic from search engines. To do this effectively, link your fan page to your website.

Engage with potential customers on a daily basis. Customers can reach out to you and you can even target specific groups by defining your preferred audience by factors such as gender, age, city or country etc. This enables you to hone in on your target audience.

Improve brand credibility and awareness. Facebook is a breeding ground for shares and likes. Viewers can share your Facebook posts with their friends, spreading and displaying your brand’s name in front of their connections.

90% of Facebook users expect businesses to have a Fan Page, emphasizing how important social media for business can be. Whilst most don’t appreciate business’ trying to sell to them on Facebook, you can still connect and strengthen customer relations via Facebook. Post relevant and persuasive content to drive clicks to your main website.



Twitter accumulates over 500 million Tweets each day. It’s a quick and easy way to connect with customers in a social environment rather than a serious business one, which many people find uncomfortable and off-putting. Many business’ now use Twitter for branding.

Gain valuable customer feedback and insights to help further improve your services or products. Listen to your customers and they will appreciate you for it.

Market your product or services to thousands of potential customers with a simple persuasive tweet. You can also utilise Twitter to keep your followers updated with your company’s latest news or achievements etc. Spark interest with promotions and coupon code giveaways.

Promotional and business tweets are just as likely to go viral as a cute Panda video. This can lead to an increase in sales and ROI.

Twitter is a great way to improve brand loyalty. Engaging with your customers via Twitter and helping them with any queries they may have, will increase their loyalty for your brand. They will be more likely to follow you and re-tweet your content.



Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook, but it would be foolish to ignore it and its 363 million users. Content posted on Google+ is indexed instantly. You could say Google is a little biased here, but who cares when it will do absolute wonders for your SEO efforts? Google+ can be used to rank your business higher in search results, so it’s definitely worth the time!

The Google+ Business Page is one of the main influential ranking factors when it comes to Google’s local search results. By having an active Google+ account posting relevant content regularly, you will see your business climbing the list of local search results.

Collaboration opportunities are available for free. These include video chatting with colleagues and customers via the Google Hangouts feature.

You can have your message reach the right audience with a simple click. It’s an easy way to share content to the right people. In fact, the +1 button is hit 5 billion times per day! So feel free to promote brand awareness, advertise promotions and speak to thousands of potential customers.

Improve B2B marketing with Google+. You can use this channel to engage and establish relationships with other businesses and potential customers. Google’s SnapKnot tool is excellent for B2B marketing as it has an impressive member conversion rate.



As a professional social networking channel with over 347 million registered members, LinkedIn is the ideal place to search, find and promote business and marketing opportunities.

Generate new leads by making connections. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups in your industry can also help to not only spread brand awareness, but to make contact with valuable like-minded individuals who may be seeking your services.

Connect with potential clients and even customers by making personal contact with them. Create personalised messages, avoid seeming too “sales pitchy” and speak to the individual.

LinkedIn can make you and your business easier to find. Implanting a social strategy via LinkedIn will help to gather more quality leads. The possibility of creating inbound leads is more consistent with LinkedIn than with other social channels because it focuses on business above all else, making it perfect for B2B marketing especially.

Build brand credibility and awareness by hosting a LinkedIn event. This will help you to gain more leads by inviting LinkedIn influencers to attend.

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