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Brand And Competitor Analysis

With analytical feedback we can assess your brand performance and your current brand positioning. Through understanding the competition we familiarise ourselves with the challenges you face and highlight possible opportunities in the market. Investigating your competitors empowers us to map out a new dynamic for you that avoids well worn pathways.

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New Branding Opportunities Through Data Feedback

On the strength of understanding the opposition and appreciating their brand weaknesses we can explore lost opportunities and implement new dynamics to define your branding proposition, differentiating existing strengths from new creative strategies. The appraisal and synthesis of the analytical results provides new visions for better more effective branding, outlining best practices on a local and global basis.

Establish And Articulate The Life Giving Forces Of Your Organisation Creating A Dynamic Through Awareness Of Your Aspirations

Appreciating what makes your brand different and successful is the springboard for defining the reasons for your success. They must be articulated clearly as the positive outcome of your company’s aspirations, your dreams and business objectives. We can assist you in achieving the goals you have set as an organisation.analytical results provides new visions for better more effective branding, outlining best practices on a local and global basis.

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Achieving Your Objectives?

Our customers know best how to achieve their objectives through a mission statement that provides the framework and structure for positive outcomes. We can help you enact and implement a process by dissecting this into its composite parts and creating a road map or way forward. By also devising a values reflector we can define how you are perceived by the business world allowing us to fine tune and hone the strategy for accomplishing your vision and aspirations.

Marks Of Distinction And Brand Framework

This is what sets you apart from the competition and we highlight these distinctive traits or ideas by defining your branding and articulating the differentiator ie why customers make you first choice. We create a road map for directing and show casing these singularly distinctive traits.

Through understanding your business objectives and the competition, we can mould brand frameworks that encapsulate all issues relevant to the brand.

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Considerations In Choosing A Name

There are legal as well as practical considerations in choosing a brand name. This seemingly inane process is a crucial factor in brand building. Ensure the chosen name is the best brand identifier that is legally available. It should be search engine friendly and available to purchase as a domain name. The name must be memorable and must strike an immediate chord that crosses racial and cultural boundaries. By adhering to these considerations the client will create a platform for building successful brand strategy.

Seeing And Hearing Is Believable

The visual impact of your brand is everything. It is the flagship of your company and must reflect your ethos and aspirations. The combination of logo, design, colour co-ordination and imagery must attract and sustain customer attention. We at Ryco pride ourselves in consistently achieving high standards in brand creation that not only provides the ‘wow’ factor but secures return on investment. We understand the best delivery vehicles for implementing your brand. The vocalisation of your brand is equally important and must be managed with the same aplomb as the visual identity to landscape your company’s branding strategy and values.

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Brand Experience And Guidelines

Customers’ exposure to brand promotion across multiple channels is described as brand experience. This can be a make or break for the brand depending on how positive the impact is on the customer. If it proves all consuming then your business will reap the rewards of a beneficial brand experience. Business type will dictate the kind of experience being promoted by the brand and this must be customised to compliment the particular company landscape.

The many brand guidelines are essential in tracking and monitoring implementation and consistency and cover every aspect of the branding equation ranging from strategy brochures to reports and employee/supplier hand books or brand books. We at Ryco have a proven track record of devising effective brand experiences for our customers.

Brand Values Realisation

Your company employees must live your brand and every contact with your customer base must reflect that positive successful perception. Your brand values must be constantly at the forefront of any company/customer interaction. If not, they may become quickly disillusioned with your operation or its services. Maintaining a positive image will sustain growth into the future and regular staff training will inculcate the importance of projecting brand values on a daily basis.

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Adopting New Operative Strategies Through Training

Communications are vitally important in promoting your company’s brand. This is an area requiring professional assessment and remedial action where necessary. Operational issues also need careful monitoring and staff require regular training to immerse themselves in the philosophy of ‘living the brand’. If a company really wants to succeed it must live and breathe the brand. We provide training services to promote change and help staff adapt more positive behaviour. This is an essential element of brand bonding that creates a feel good factor for both staff and customers.

Staff Review And Development

Reviewing staff progress and their responsiveness to brand awareness requires internal measures and remedial action if necessary.

Brand awareness – call to action – seminars are a mechanism to ensure that Key Performance Indicators are constantly monitored and assessed to justify and sustain staff incentives.

Keeping your staff in the brand promotion loop is extremely important. They need to share brand enthusiasm and loyalty and should be updated regularly with internal news and relevant information.All internal communication channels such as intranets, advertising materials, newsletters, posters etc. are excellent conduits for promoting ‘brand team bonding’.


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