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Ryco has worked with a range of methodologies such as RUP, CMMI, Waterfall and more agile approaches such as Extreme Programming and Scrum. Due to our high level of experience, our project management methodology showcases and provides the right blend of enhanced flexibility, control and visibility.

For those who presently outsource to distant locations or have done so in the past, it is advised that you consider ditching the old rigid methodology in favour of a more agile and enhanced development methodology, such as the one that we provide here at Rycoweb. The value of using our near-shore outsourcing services located in Northern Ireland will be immediately evident and we are confident that you will not regret your decision to benefit from our services.

Software development is both an interactive and iterative process which is why we have taken these useful guidelines from Scrum on board, such as:

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Sprint-Based Planning and Deliveries

Sprints are used for the process of breaking down the features of the system into phases and shorter iterations. The length of time that each sprint lasts is dependent on the complexity of the system, team preferences and the required technology. A single sprint can last as long as two months or as short as just two weeks. Here at Rycoweb, we use sprints that last no longer than 2 to 3 weeks.

The client prioritises the system features which are then assigned to certain sprints. Before a sprint begins, the client is invited to meet with the Team in order to perform a more detailed approach to the planning process where each feature is thoroughly estimated and evaluated.

Once the finishing date of the sprint has been set, it is never altered. In the unlikely event that a certain feature was not applied on time, this features will be instantly added to the Project Backlog which is used to track features accordingly.

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Daily Stand-Up Meetings

A stand-up meeting is carried out amongst the development team on each working day. During this time, each team member is asked what they have completed the day before, what they will be working on today and if there are any obstacles that are preventing them from completing their goals for that day.

This meeting only takes a few minutes and allows the Team Lead to know how far along the process has come and to detect any problems before they become a concern to the time lines. To ensure 100% visibility into the process of the project, clients are more than welcome to participate in these stand-up meetings either through phone conference or web conference.

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Proper Governance

Proper governance is essential for even the most experienced and successful Scrum teams. To ensure that projects are kept on the right track, Belatrix has come up with a set of proven processes that assist teams and helps to ensure that all projects are headed in the right direction.

Quality Assurance Services

A leading Quality Assurance team at Ryco provides its services and support in each project and covers areas including:

Conformance with requirements.

GUI and usability.

Security and penetration testing.

Stress and Load Testing.


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