Why does your Business NEED an effective Social Media Optimisation Strategy?

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Social media networks have had a massive influence on how we both share and discover content online. The main goal of adapting an effective social media marketing campaign is to drive targeted traffic to your ecommerce site. Incorporating core aspects of current successful marketing and SEO plans whilst considering social media influences will give your online business increased levels of online visibility and wider branding influence.


Promoting your website content with social media should be implemented by all online businesses, especially in this digital age where over 100 billion global searches are conducted each month.

It is essential that your business website does not wash away with the tide of ecommerce sites that fail to implement an effective Social Media Optimisation strategy. Your ecommerce site needs to be the golden one in a sea filled with schools of derivative websites that foolishly believe that their business does not have use for Social Media Optimisation. If you possess this interpretation, you are setting yourself AND your business up for failure.

Your social media influence will play an important role towards determining whether or not Google and other leading search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will rank you highly. Factors such as reach, relevance and resonance will all be judged and used to define your credibility as a dependable source.

Boost your authority as an author by building trust with your audience. Your content must be relevant and reachable. With Google’s updated algorithm, only the highest quality content will have hopes of reaching top ranking positions, so keep this in mind the next time you’re tempted to post a piece of content which uses tons of grammatical errors and babbling ‘filler text’.

Search engines often use link building to help them determine the quality and reputation of your website. This method of building links online has never been simpler than with social media which can develop and share content across a wide range of platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter etc. If websites who are deemed ‘less than credible’ (the ‘bad influences’ of the internet) link back to your site, this will not do your online reputation any favours. Always make sure that the sites linking back to your website are trustworthy, relevant and credible.

A highly re-tweeted link will be noticed by search engines and lead to higher visibility. You can cut indexation time by up to 50% with high quality content that has been tweeted multiple times. Social media allows you to build connections with other businesses and potential customers, broadening your horizon with social media will help you to develop brand awareness and turn viewers into paying customers.

Developing a social media optimisation strategy will attract new enquires, especially if you outsource content through Facebook and Twitter etc. on a regular basis. Ensure that your business site makes the most out of social media and you will soon find that new customers are flowing in, sales are increasing and your brand will soon become a household name.


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