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Have you ever been bombarded with the same ads over and over again across a multitude of channels and websites? That my friends, is what we call Remarketing!

Remarketing, otherwise known as Retargeting, allows businesses to remind previous website visitors to return to their website. According to Google, the average customer visits a website 2 – 4 times before finally deciding to make a purchase.

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It makes sense to retarget your ads to previous visitors because we humans are forgetful creatures and sometimes a gentle nudge is all we need to encourage us to finally make a decision. Remarketing is a cost-effective approach to lure people back to your website which can increase your ROI and boost conversions.

Remarketing is incredibly useful because you will reach people who are aware of your brand and products already and are therefore more likely to return to your site with the mind-set of making an enquiry or purchase. Those targeted can be a user who abandoned their shopping cart, bought from your site previously but may be interested in another product you have to offer or if you prefer, you can haunt them with an image of a product they have already viewed but for whatever reason, failed to make a purchase.
Amateurs tend to follow the most obvious path with regards to remarketing techniques but we prefer to use wise remarketing strategies and campaigns to attract customers and increase sales conversions.

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