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Digital Media Buying Northern Ireland

Rycoweb can create plan and manage your media buying and planning requirements.

We offer a fully integrated solution consisting of overall marketing, branding strategies and sales promotions or a one off campaign. We ensure you get value for money with maximum exposure for your spend.


Rycoweb provide the full range of digital services. As an International Digital Creative Agency we are a one stop shop for all digital or media productions. We specialise in the creation of and development of Internet based services such as ecommerce websites, search engine optimisation, email marketing and microsites. We have an in house video production facility as part of our media services and also provide viral campaigns, mobile or social applications, banner advertising, podcasting and widget development. We have the expertise and experience to see your project through from inception to completion, allowing you to concentrate on your business.


As experienced media buyers we have the knowledge based skills to select the appropriate channels for maximum public exposure of your product or services. We have worked with National Press and magazines to acquire the best above the line marketing campaigns for our clients, delivering positive results. Our analytical proactive approach to press campaigns enables us to measure difference in response rates through variables including size, display, position, placement and price. The statistical analysis provides data for re mediating and improving future press campaigns.

Our experience and flexible approach to media buying allows us to exploit marketing opportunities and deliver excellent cost advantages.

At Rycoweb we develop partnerships with our clients and through constant collaboration we keep them updated on the results of each press release.


Inserts can prove an effective vehicle for delivering your message direct to your customer’s home. Rycoweb posess the expertise to utilise the full potential of this medium to provide you with a return on investment. Many of our customers have profited from our skill in harnessing this marketing tool to promote their products or services. We know how best to manipulate the system and create maximum impact in what can be a crowded environment. We can advise on format limitations and identify any potential danger areas. We have a checks and balances procedure to manage potential hazards and provide a seamless system for distributing information between media owners and customer printers.


Rycoweb have enviable expertise in data analysis. This is the backbone of our digital services that drives media strategy and clients’ businesses. Dealing with data quickly and efficiently allows immediate response across all channels, and promotes a confidence amongst all our clients that there is no downtime in their business processes or procedures. Our informed strategies achieve positive footfall to our clients online businesses and secures a profitable return on investment. Data manipulation ie data input, output, analysis, synthesis, organisation application and storage is in our company’s blood and we have the reserves to handle any volume of data, both effectively and securely. The objective is to promote, sustain and grow our clients’ businesses.

Door To Door

Door to door is a euphemism for communicating with the consumer in their homes. Traditionally it was a proven method of getting the message to the customer and still is except it is now a digital transmission across many channels and not literally knocking on someone’s door. There are methods of targeting niche groups, including customer profiling, segmentation and other marketing tools which assist our customers to reach the appropriate consumers.

Rycoweb can provide the model and strategy to maximise your clients’ ability to target their desired audience. Different business needs require customised methods to attract the customers most likely to buy their products or services.

Door to door can be a stand alone method of marketing or can compliment other campaigns such as broadcast media as in TV or Radio. At Rycoweb our variety of advertisers enables a flexibility of approach and ensures that an integrated marketing campaign is effective in increasing profitability for all our clients.


There are statistics available to prove how commercial radio has a listener audience totalling two thirds of the UK population. As a medium for maximising exposure on a one to one basis it cannot be underestimated, and its success rate as an effective marketing channel is undeniable. Commercial radio stations have increased dramatically in numbers and this has signalled a growth in this sector for the advertiser. With radio now accessible across many digital channels it continues to harness large target audiences that respond to marketing and advertising on an ongoing basis. We collaborate with online retailers whose objectives are online footfall in the short-term brand awareness in the long-term. We deliver radio campaigns that achieve results in brand building and return on investment.


Currently TV is the most popular and effective means of accessing large target consumer sectors. We at Rycoweb have expertise in planning co-ordinating and executing successful TV marketing campaigns that are relevant and focused. We have a team whose passion, knowledge and experience drive our TV advertising and enhance our clients’ business opportunities.