html5 app development

HTML5 Web Based
Application Development & CRM

Ryco Group have successfully implemented CRM / internal Management systems for companies throughout the UK and Ireland. Our HTML5 App’s ensure they can used in online and offline modes by our clients, increasing sales and reducing redundant tasks. Sales people can easily process orders, operators can easily collect client signatures to sign off works completed and accounts can automatically process invoicing.

Bespoke Internal
Management Solutions

Ryco Group develop easy to use internal systems, that contain the functions your business needs to run efficiently. Generic off the shelf solutions have hundreds of options that you do not need, causing systems to run slower and prove more difficult for staff to use. At Ryco we meet with your team, plan your system architecture with your internal processes in mind and produce a solution that exceeds your goals, saving time, development costs and potential training costs going forward. Our systems utilise HTML5, ensuring your business has a complete solution from project sales through to logistics and invoicing.

html5 development

HTML5 revitalises the standard website language HTML. This fifth version offers an impressive all in one solution that improves the appearance of your content on desktops and mobile devices. It is a cost effective approach in both maintenance and creation.

Surprisingly this is not as complex as it seems. Our technical manager is able to explain everything you need to know about HTML5 in a few short minutes. Contact us today for free advice on this subject.

The growth of HTML allows your staff and customers to work both online and offline. Working offline is made simple thanks to the App which will partake in an automatic synchronisation with your internal systems once you get back online. The benefits of this cannot be overstated, especially at times when information needs to be accessed or confirmed remotely.

Ryco can help to bring your App ideas to life. We can develop any design idea that you present to us and we can build an incredible and powerful app from scratch. Customers will be able to access it from any device which means that your app will be compatible with new media, increasing your connection with customers and staying in touch with them on the go – find the ideal solution for your needs and contact us today to get free advice.

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